Local Ethics Committee

The Local Ethical Commission of the NCB (further – Commission) a consultative and advisory body of the NCB, established to protect the rights and safety of subjects and researchers, monitor compliance with the rules for the use of laboratory animals in biomedical experiments, the principles of humane treatment of them, as well as ethical and moral and legal assessment of preclinical and clinical trial materials. The Commission considers all issues related to the observance of the general principles of humanism, morality and biomedical ethics when conducting preclinical and clinical studies at the local level.

The Local Ethical Commission of the NCB is a committee that applies research ethics by reviewing the methods proposed for research to ensure that they are ethical. The purpose of the IRB 00013497 is to assure that appropriate steps are taken to protect the rights and welfare of humans participating as subjects in a research study. Along with developed countries, many developing countries have established national, regional or local Institutional Review Boards in order to safeguard ethical conduct of research concerning both national and international norms, regulations or codes.

The Local Ethical Commission is located:

Nur-Sultan, Kurgalzhinskoe highway, 13/5


Composition of the Local Ethics Commission

1.Mukanov Kasym KasenovichChief Researcher of the Laboratory of Applied Genetics, Chairman of the Local Ethics Commission
2.Tarlykov Pavel ViktorovichNCB Head of the Laboratory of Proteomics and Mass Spectrometry, Deputy Chairman of the local ethics commission
3.Uzbekova Kumisshash YerbolatovnaNCB Specialist in publication activity of the Support Service for Science and Scientific and technical activities, Secretary of the local ethics commission
4.Dashevskaya Natalia ViktorovnaVivarium veterinarian NCB
5.Zholdybaeva Elena VitalievnaHead of the Laboratory of the National Scientific Laboratory of Biotechnology for Collective Use NCB
6.Kakimzhanova Almagul ApsalamovnaHead of the Laboratory of Biotechnology and Plant Breeding NCB
7.Kiyan Vladimir SergeevichHead of the Laboratory of Biodiversity and Genetic Resources NCB
8.Nagumanova Gulbakyt SmanovnaSenior Specialist of the Forecasting Analysis Service
9.Sadvakasova Mahabbat AbayevnaHead of Public Relations of JSC «Science Foundation» Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan
10.Silaev Dmitry VitalievichSenior Researcher at the Laboratory of Genetics and Biochemistry of Microorganisms NCB
11.Hapilina Oksana NikolaevnaHead of the Laboratory of Plant Genomics and Bioinformatics NCB

Package of documents to be submitted to the Commission for consideration

The dossier should include the following documents:

  • List of submitted documents with version numbers and dates;
  • Test or experiment report;
  • List of research centers where research, testing or experiment is planned to be conducted;
  • Curriculum vitae (CV) of the researcher (brief description of professional activity).
  • Previous decisions of domestic ethics committees in relation to this planned study, trial or experiment, if any.

For clinical studies, trials or experiments involving a person as an object of research, trial or experiment, the following set of documents must be submitted to the Commission:

  • Signed by the applicant and dated application addressed to the Chairman of the Commission. The application specifies the full name of the study, test or experiment, provides a list of submitted documents, contact person details to clarify emerging issues on the part of the Commission (for example, the coordinator of the study).
  • Abstract to the planned research, test or experiment (signed by the executor and the scientific director of the project), in which the goals, objectives, materials and methods of research, testing or experiment, justification of scientific novelty and expediency, expected results are formulated.
  • A list of criteria for inclusion, non-inclusion and exclusion of volunteers in a study, trial or experiment, a plan (scheme) of a study, trial or experiment. Basic information about the studied means or method (including instructions for the use of the studied means).
  • Information for the patient and the patient’s informed consent form.
  • The form of the individual registration card of the patient (if any).
  • Diaries, questionnaires to be filled out by patients participating in a study, trial or experiment (if any).
  • Curriculum vitae (SEE) of researchers, dated and signed by researchers (Principal Investigator);
  • List of clinical research centers where research, trial or experiment is planned to be conducted;
  • Information about insurance documents, compensations and payments provided for the subjects of the study, trial or experiment during the study, trial or experiment;
  • Materials, including advertising, informing about the study, trial or experiment and used to attract patients to participate in it.

At the discretion of the applicant, other documents relevant to compliance with ethical standards during the planned research, test or experiment may be additionally submitted and considered.

When submitting additions and amendments to previously approved protocols for examination, annotations (a summary of the essence of the changes and their causes) are submitted.

Note: documents are provided in a folder, separated by separators, with a detailed description (dates and version numbers) in paper and electronic form in the order of the list below. The electronic version is sent by one archived letter to the email address uzbekova@biocenter.kz. After checking the electronic version, if there are comments, correct it within 3 working days and send a full package of documents with the eliminated comments and corrections. After the electronic version is accepted, it is necessary to submit the paper version of the documents in the 1st copy.