Laboratory of Plants Biotechnology and Breeding



Doctor of Biological Sciences, Associated Professor

A specialist in the field of biotechnology, plants selection, molecular biology of plants. Author of more than 170 scientific works, 10 innovation patents of the Republic of Kazakhstan and 1 patent of the Russian Federation, a new potato varieties “Astanalyk”, varieties of spring wheat “Kazakhstan 20”, “Ak Orda”.

ORCID ID – 0000-0002-7797-6867

Scopus ID – 56031411400

Research directions

  • Development  new forms of plants resistant to unfavourable abiotic and biotic factors of environment through with  use biotechnological methods;
  • Genotyping varieties and forms of plants and their pathogens by means of molecular-genetic assay method;
  • Improvement of viral, fungal and bacterial diseases of potato plants, poplar and micropropagation;
  • Molecular genetic identification and certification of potatoes, wheat by means molecular-genetic markers;
  • Study, selection and screening of microscopic fungi capable of utilizing petroleum hydrocarbons.

Innovative developments

  • “Baiterek”, “Kazakhstan 20”, “Ak Orda” varieties of spring soft wheat;
  • “Astanalyk” varieties of potatoes;
  • A technology for production of virus free minitubers of potato with usage of aeroponic systems;
  • F3Fusarium graminearum strain for application in biotechnology and plants breeding for resistance to fusarium root blight;
  • Bipolaris sorokiniana4 strain for application in biotechnology and plants breeding for resistance to Helminthosporium root blight;
  • Fusarium solanistrain for application in biotechnology and potato breeding for resistance to Fusarium.

Core publications

Nurtaza A., Magzumova G., Yessimseitova A., Karimova V., Shevtsov A., Silayev D., Lutsay V., Ramankulov Y., Kakimzhanova A.
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An Efficient Micropropagation System for the Vulnerable Wild Apple Species, Malus sieversii, and Confirmation of Its Genetic Homogeneity // Erwerbs-Obstbau. - 2022

Nurtaza, A., Karimova, V., Magzumova, G., Muranets, A., Kakimzhanova, A
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(2022) DNA barcoding of rare and endangered plant species of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Eurasian Journal of

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