Laboratory of Plant Genomics and Bioinformatics



Candidate of Biological Sciences

Research interests – biotechnology, plant breeding, genetics and molecular biology. Author of 5 varieties of wheat. The Hirsch index according to Scopus/WoS=4, author of more than 140 scientific publications in domestic and foreign publications, has 6 copyright certificates for inventions.

ORCID ID – 0000-0002-7256-568X

Scopus ID – 57194829297

Research directions

  • Population genetic, molecular phylogenetic studies of rare endemic and relict species of Kazakhstan;
  • Creation of an in vitro biobank of rare, endemic and medicinal plant species;
  • Study of molecular genetic mechanisms of plant adaptation to environmental stress factors;
  • Development of biotechnologies for creating economically valuable forms of plants;
  • Development of computer programs and genetic databases.

Innovative developments

  • A technology has been developed for microclonal propagation of the valuable medicinal plant Rhodiola rosea The developed technology makes it possible to obtain own-rooted Rhodiola rosea plants with a closed root system (CRS) for plantation cultivation in order to obtain medicinal raw materials;
  • Technologies have been developed for long-term storage in vitro culture of rare medicinal and endemic plants Rhodiola, Allium sp., Paeonia anomala, Rhaponticum carthamoides;
  • Technologies for genetic certification of wheat varieties and breeding lines using various types of markers have been developed.

Provision of services

  • Accelerated propagation of rare, endemic and medicinal plants;
  • Molecular genetic certification of plant varieties and lines;
  • DNA barcoding of plants and phytopathogenic microorganisms;
  • Phytoexamination of seed and planting material.

Core publications

Terletskaya, N., Turzhanova, A., Khapilina, O., Zhumagul, M., Meduntseva, N., Kudrina, N., Korbozova, N., Kubentayev, S., & Kalendar, R. (2023)
Genetic diversity in natural populations of Rhodiola species of different adaptation strategies. Genes, 14(4), [794].

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Turzhanova A, Khapilina O, Tumenbaeva A., Shevtsov V, Raiser O, Kalendar R 2020.
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Райзер О. Б., Хапилина О. Н.
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