Laboratory of Stem Cells




Specialist in the field of cell biology and immunotherapy. Research interests: stem cells, cancer stem cells, immunotherapy, tissue engineering, cell therapy. Author of more than 30 scientific articles, 10 of them are included to the Scopus database. Owner of the h-index – 4, winner of a presidential scholarship (2005-2007 yy.), owner of the place “Best young scientist” (2016 y.), owner of the “BOLASHAQ” scholarship within the program of “500 scientific internships” (2022-2023 yy.), owner of the “Kurmet” diploma of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan (2022 y.)

ORCID ID – 0000-0002-8844-2510

Scopus ID – 55820794800

Research directions

  • Study on morphofunctional specificities and mechanisms for differentiation of stem cells;
  • Development of cell transplantants and tissue-engineered designs for recovery of structure and functions of damaged organs and tissues;
  • Development of technologies for production of human’s induced pluripotent stem cell and study their potential usage in regenerative medicine and cells therapy.

Innovative developments

  • Cell medicine based on human allogenic fibroblasts for thermal injuries and continuously non-healing wounds treatment.

Core publications

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