Forensic-medical examination

The Human genetics laboratory at the LLP «National Center for Biotechnology» specializes in DNA analysis and offers a wide range of forensic molecular genetic and forensic biological research services in such areas as:

  • establishment of kinship, both in pre-trial, judicial procedure, and in private treatment;
  • identification research, both in pre-trial, judicial, and private order.

Our specialists are internationally accredited experts in genetics and biologists with many years of practical experience in expert activities, who use high-tech research methods in their work on the most modern expert-class equipment, which allows them to constantly improve services, expand the range of research and maintain the status of an expert international laboratories.

We guarantee confidentiality, professionalism, objectivity.

Algorithm of actions – what is necessary for conducting a genetic test with private access

1) Fill out an application form;

2) Provide biological samples of all individuals. In this case, you can prepare the biological material yourself or use the services of an expert, a medical worker;

3) Remit payment.

To conduct research, examination in pre-trial, judicial order, it is necessary:

  • Submit the investigator’s decision, court ruling;
  • Comparative samples may be taken by an expert or other healthcare professional;
  • Make payment in accordance with the price list.


Standard samples:

  • blood;
  • buccal epithelium (saliva)

Non-standard samples:

  • hair with bulbs;
  • bone;
  • muscle;
  • skin flap;
  • nail sections;
  • abortive material;
  • other body tissues.

Non-standard samples also include biological traces on various carrier items: any clothing, paper tissues, sanitary pads and tampons, condoms, underwear, cigarette filters/cigarette butts, chewing gum, any object that was held in hands, swabs made from hard surfaces, etc.

Self-collection of biological samples

In the case of a private appeal, you can take the buccal epithelium (saliva) on an ear cotton bud yourself, subject to all the conditions below, and send it by mail or deliver it personally to the laboratory at the address indicated on the website. For this procedure, a new pack of cotton swabs is used.

Buccal epithelium sampling procedure

  • Rinse the mouth thoroughly with water before taking the material. In young children who are unable to perform this procedure, as well as infants, it is advisable to remove the sample no earlier than one hour after feeding;
  • with a cotton swab at the end of the ear stick, move up and down the inner mucous surface of the cheek with pressure at least ten to fifteen times;
  • for the study it is necessary to remove the material for two or four ear sticks;
  • before packaging, dry for ten to fifteen minutes at room temperature, without the possibility of exposure to direct sunlight or heaters;
  • pack in an unused paper postal envelope, pre-signed;
  • a separate envelope is required for each person being examined;
  • on the envelope indicate the full name, the year of birth of the person whose sample was withdrawn, the degree of relationship (mother, father, child, etc.), the date of sampling;
  • in case of anonymity of the test, full name, year of birth can be omitted, the degree of relationship must be indicated.

Phone for information:

+7 701 220-85-59

+7 778 378-89-27