About NCB

Limited Liability Partnership “National Center of Biotechnology” (NCB) – the leading scientific institution of biological profile in the country — was established by Decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 1993. The Center carries out programs in the field of biotechnology, biosafety and ecology. The NCB is the foundation for training personnel and expanding cooperation in the field of biotechnology, promotes interdisciplinary research in the field of fundamental life sciences and technologies in order to maximize the impact of biotechnological benefits for the benefit of society.


To turn Kazakhstan’s biotechnology into a highly profitable business of high-tech technologies and to be a standard of quality and a high level of science.

The most relevant missions of the NCB are following

  • Focus the efforts on science research towards a society and an economy based on knowledge
  • Use this knowledge as a tool applicable in health, agriculture and environment
  • Offer services in new technologies to the academic community and private companies
  •  Stimulate private companies to solve problems in biological development


Subdivisions of the National Center for Biotechnology are located in Stepnogorsk and Astana city. There are 13 various kinds laboratories is located in Astana. In Stepnogorsk NCB is represented by industrial divisions: Branch and “Research and Analytical Center “Biomedpreparat”, which also have a 5 and 3 laboratories respectively.

All laboratories are equipped with modern facilities for hi-tech cytological, genetic, microbiological, molecular biological and physicochemical studies.

The NCB’s scientific potential is defined by 250 highly-qualified specialists in the field of biotechnology, molecular biology, genetics, biochemistry, microbiology, virology, immunology, pharmacology. It consists 15 Doctors of Sciences, 44 Associates of Sciences, 28 PhD and also 8 “Bolashak” Program’s alumni, graduated from the universities of the USA, Great Britain, France, Czech Republic. Average age of the Center’s employees is 36 years old.

The Center has an attitude for the divers professional training programs and the staff’s capacity building

There is regularly conduction of lectures and seminars with participation of leading scientists and specialists in the different fields of biology and biotechnology, as well as well known companies-manufacturers of laboratory equipment. The Center is visited by scientists and specialists from the USA, Russia, Germany, France, Korea and Israel. More than 170 NCB employees have undertaken an internship in the best research centers of neighboring countries and abroad.