АР19675359 Identificаtiоn оf pаtterns оf prоductiоn оf biоlоgicаlly аctive metаbоlites with pоtentiаl аntiоxidаnt аnd wоund-heаling аctivity in the culture оf Rhоdiоlа sp. stem cells


Effective healing of skin wounds is an urgent public health problem. Violations of wound healing are typical for elderly people with diabetes mellitus receiving immunosuppressive drugs. One of the mechanisms of wound healing is the neutralization of ROS and an increase in the proliferative activity of skin stem cells. There is a growing interest in herbal preparations that can become an alternative to pharmaceuticals. Plant biologically active substances stimulate wound healing processes due to their anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antimicrobial and regenerative properties. Plant stem cells (PSCs), which are a form of adaptation to stressful environmental conditions and activate the proliferative functions of dermal stem cells during inflammatory processes, have a high potential for biological activity. The potential of using PSCs of ethno-medicinal plants of Kazakhstan for wound healing and restoring the biological functions of the skin has not been studied. Extracts of little studied species of R.semenowii L. and R.quadrifida L. may have previously unknown properties for use as sources of biologically active substances with antioxidant and wound-healing potential, as was found in other representatives of Rhodiola sp.


Tо reveаl the regulаrities оf the prоductiоn оf biоlоgicаlly аctive metаbоlites-аntiоxidаnts in the stem cell culture оf Rhоdiоlа semenоvii L. аnd Rhоdiоlа quаdrifidа L. fоr predicted use in the treаtment оf skin wоunds.

Expected results

  • As a result of the research, an in vitro collection of R.semenowii and R.quadrifida will be created
  • Technology for obtaining a culture of Rhodiola sp. stem cells will be developed
  • Regularities in the production of biologically active metabolites-antioxidants of Rhodiola sp. in in vitro culture of stem cells and the method of their extraction will be optimized
  • The phytochemical profiles of suspension and callus cultures (R. semenowii and R. quadrifida) will be assessed
  • Potential for using of Rhodiola sp. stem cell extracts for the treatment of skin wounds in in vivo and in vitro biological systems will be studied.

Project Manager

Khapilina Oxana N., Candidate of Biological Sciences, Hirsch index: 4; Reseаrcher ID: J-4151-2017; ОRCID: 0000-0002-7256-568X; Scоpus Аuthоr ID: 57194829297

Research team members

Оgаy Vyаcheslаv B., Candidate of Biological Sciences, Hirsch index: 14; Reseаrcher ID: N-7420-2015; ОRCID: 0000-0001-5029-5255; Scоpus Аuthоr ID: 14827061500

Nagmetova Gulden Z., PhD, Hirsch index – 1 ResearcherID: N-9822-2017 Scopus AuthorID: 57218566741 ORCID: 0000-0002-1848-6489

Raiser Olesya B. master, Hirsch index: 2; Researcher ID: Q-5108-2017; ORCID: 0000-0003-0754-3342; Scopus Author ID: 14827061500

Мagzumova Saule M., master, Hirsch index – 0; Reseаrcher ID: АCC-8052-2022 ОRCID: 0000-0002-4346-4919

Yesenbekova Naira, doctoral student Hirsch index – 0; ORCID: 0009-0000-3758-1548

Nurkina Asiya Kaidarovna Hirsch index – 0

Publications of the scientific supervisor and research group

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Results for 2023

Plant material of the studied Rhodiola sp. was collected. in places of natural growth. As a result of expeditionary research, 3 populations of Rhodiola quadrifida L. were identified, located on the Ivanovsky, Koksinsky and Lineysky ridges in the mountain-tundra and alpine belts (1800-2400 m above sea level), forming several phytocenoses with its participation. As a result of screening studies in the foothills of the Trans-Ili Alatau, populations of Rhodiola semenowii L. were identified.

The studied Rhodiola sp. were introduced into in vitro culture. Leaf blades, stems and rhizoid buds, as well as seeds, which are more preferable explants for obtaining sterile seedlings for the purpose of inducing callus formation, were used as primary explants. The stages of sterilization of primary explants have been optimized. The composition of nutrient media for the initiation of morphogenesis of Rhodiola sp. has been optimized. under in vitro conditions, it was revealed that the intensity of organogenesis processes depends on the hormonal status of the environment. The formation of adventitious shoots intensively occurred in the variants with the addition of zeatin and IAA in a ratio of 10:1. It has been experimentally established that in vitro proliferation processes in R. quadrifida occur more intensively when sterile seedlings are used as explants, while in R. semsnovii it is more effective to use shoot apices and leaf explants.

Research was carried out to optimize the cultivation regime of the studied species of Rhodiola sp.. The duration of cultivation, the number of passages, the concentration of basic salts and the density of the nutrient medium were taken into account. It was found that cultivation on a medium containing ½ the norm of mineral salts according to Murashige and Skoog’s prescription for 6-8 weeks at a temperature of +24º C is optimal. As a result of the research, a collection of in vitro cultures of R. quadrifida and R. semenowii with high regeneration was created potential.


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