Local Ethics Committee

The Local ethics committee of NCB is an advisory and consultative body of NCB established in order to provide the rights protection and safety of research subjects and researchers, control over observance of the procedures of use of laboratory animals in medical and biological experiments, the principles of humane treatment, and as well as ethic and moral and legal evaluation of the preclinical and clinical trials’ materials. The Committee considers all the issues related to observance of common principles of humanity, morality and biomedical ethics when performing preclinical and clinical researches at the local level.


The Board of the Local Ethics Committee:

1.  K.N. Mukantayev Head of the Laboratory of Immunochemistry and Immunobiotechnology, the Chairman
2.  K.A. Iskandarova Director of the Science Department of NCB, the Deputy Chairman
3.  A.A. Kakimzhanova Head of the Laboratory of Plants Biotechnology and Breeding
4.  E.V. Zholdybayeva Head of the National Scientific Shared Laboratory of Biotechnology
5.  Abdyraiym Tolymbek The editor-in-chief, “Astana ustazy” journal
6.  G.A. Danlybayeva Head of the Laboratory of cell biotechnology
7.  E.A. Gulyayev The leading researcher, Laboratory of Translation Medicine, Healthy Aging and Global Health , PI “Center for Life Sciences”, Nazarbayev University
8.  B.A. Kapizov Head of legal division of NCB
9.  A.A. Kurmanbayev Head of the Laboratory of Ecological Biotechnology
10.  M.B. Zhumabekova Head of the Division of Patent and Information Affairs, the Secretary of the Committee
Astana, Korgalzhyn road, 13/5

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