AP14872087 «Innovative research of millet (Panicum miliaceum L.) viral diseases to create new strategies for improvement of productivity and resistance»


The project aims to molecularly identify viral pathogens of millet and identify virus-resistant millet varieties in the Kazakhstan collection. Millet (Panicum miliaceum L.) is a valuable food and feed crop in Kazakhstan and the world. The history of millet cultivation goes back tens of thousands of years to Northern China. In the Akmola, Pavlodar and Western regions of Kazakhstan, 21 food grades and 13 feed grades are produced, which is a meager figure. Millet is valuable for its drought resistance, the molecular mechanisms of which are being actively studied around the world.


Investigate viral diseases of millet (Panicum miliaceum L.) to develop new strategies to improve cultivar productivity and resistance using innovative approaches.

Expected results

1) Monitoring of the spread of viral and other phytopathogens on millet crops in the Northern regions of Kazakhstan will be carried out.

2) Molecular detection of millet viruses based on RT-PCR and sequencing will be carried out. This will allow us to detect millet viruses already known to science.

3) An express method for the isolation and purification of viral particles based on hydroxyapatite chromatography will be tested in order to search for new millet viruses and conduct molecular genetic detection. This approach will allow us to discover new switchgrass viruses and improve methods for sample preparation of viral analytes for sequencing.

4) The domestic collection of millet varieties will be tested for resistance to viruses. New data will be obtained for breeders.

5) The protective mechanisms of millet plants in the fight against viral diseases will be studied. For the first time, the protective properties of stress enzymes and millet aldehyde oxidase during viral infection will be studied. This task will allow us to study the mechanisms of interaction between millet and viral pathogens, and to evaluate the role of the enzyme aldehyde oxidase in the antiviral immunity of plants, which is of high fundamental importance in the physiology and biochemistry of plants.

Project leader

Mukiyanova Gulzhamal Slyamgazievna, PhD, leading researcher Hirsch index 2, Author ID in Scopus: 57191071370, Researcher ID Web of Science: Q-1497-2017, ORCID ID: 0000-0002-0243-8706, Researcher ID in Publons: AAW -4218-2020.

Research team members

Dyusembayev Kazbek Amzeuly, PhD, researcher, h-index-1, Researcher ID: ABD-9235–2021, ORCID ID: 0000-0003-4429-1017, Scopus Author ID: 57224632770.

Amanbaeva Ulbike Ibraevna, master, researcher Hirsch index 1, Author ID in Scopus: 57225885568, ORCID ID: 0000-0002-9671-2381, Researcher ID Web of Science: -, Researcher ID in Publons: –

Zhaksylykov Alikhan Zhomartovich, Bachelor of Science, junior researcher, H-index 0, Author ID Scopus: -, Researcher ID Web of Science: -, ORCID ID: 0009-0009-6599-4089, Researcher ID in Publons: –

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Results achieved


The results obtained and novelty: The degree of novelty is high. Monitoring of the spread of viral and other phytopathogens on millet crops in the Northern regions of Kazakhstan was carried out. The areas under millet crops were selected and the collection of millet varieties cultivated in Northern Kazakhstan was analyzed. An analysis of the used agricultural technologies for cultivating millet varieties was carried out. Monitoring studies of millet crops were carried out for the presence of symptoms of viral infections and other phytopathogens and samples of millet were collected to identify phytopathogens. An analysis of viral diseases of millet was carried out by diagnosing based on serological tests.

Publications in domestic publications:

Based on the results of the study, 3 publications were published in the collection of the international conference and 2 oral reports were presented at the conference in Almaty:

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New results have been obtained on the epidemiology of millet viruses in Northern Kazakhstan. New data have been obtained on the biochemical adaptive defense mechanisms of millet against viral infection. For the first time, the column chromatography method was used to purify millet viruses. For the first time, the varietal sensitivity of domestic millet varieties to viral infection has been demonstrated.