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A specialist in the field of molecular biology of viruses, population genetics and genomic research. Author of over 40 research articles, has 5 certificates of authorship for the development of diagnostic test kits based on PCR. L. Orbeli scholarship recipient, Russia (2001). Awarded with a Diploma of MES for contributions to the science of Kazakhstan (2009). Winner of MES and the World Bank "Technology Commercialization" project (2011).

Research directionsCore publicationsInnovative developmentsServices
  • Development of test kits for the diagnosis of socially significant human diseases;
  • Investigation of genetic predisposition to multifactorial human diseases (breast cancer, cardiovascular diseases, metabolic diseases);
  • Development of highly-effective test kits for diagnosis of infectious animal diseases;
  • Genotyping of bacteria and viruses;
  • Epidemiological and epizootological monitoring of functional characteristics and variability of genomes of human and animal infectious diseases.
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  • A kit for identification of histocompatibility complex based on DNA sequencing methods for use in clinical transplantology;
  • Diagnostic panel for estimation of individual drug dosage that reduces the risk of thrombosis;
  • Prototypes of real time PCR test kits for diagnosis of hepatitis B, C and G, Epstein-Barr virus, polyomavirus, cytomegalovirus; genotyping of human papilloma virus of high oncogenic risk;
  • A kit for comprehensive assessment of human predisposition to the development of gastritis, ulcer and stomach cancer based on the identification of virulence factors of Helicobacter pylori and mutation of interleukin-1 beta encoding gene.
  • Isolation of DNA, RNA;
  • DNA sequencing;
  • PCR analysis (Standard and Real time);
  • Screening for predisposition to diseases;
  • Creation of a genetic passports;
  • Identification of microorganisms;
  • HLA typing;
  • Genotyping of microorganisms, plants, animals;
  • On-site training seminars.

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Republican State Enterprise “National Center for Biotechnology” under the Science Committee of Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan (hereinafter – NCB) - country’s leading biological center,  implementing the State policy on support and development of biotechnology industry – was founded by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 1993. The center implements and coordinates the government-funded scientific – technical programmes in the field of biotechnology, biosafety and ecology.

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