Scientific Council

The Council is an advisory body of NCB on issues of development of innovative scientific – research and production and economic activities, fundamental and applied researches in the field of biological and medical sciences. In its activity the Council follows the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Science” dated 18 February, 2011, industrial programmes, and regulatory legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of Science and the Organization Chart of NCB and the given statute as well.


The Council’s mission

  • Consideration of the issues on scientific and (or) scientific and technical, innovative activities of NCB, development of the proposals and recommendations on its improvement;
  • Assistance in realization of priority directions of the scientific, scientific-technical and innovative activity of the Republic of Kazakhstan defined by the President of the Republic Kazakhstan and the Government of the Republic Kazakhstan;
  • Consideration of the strategic and current NCB activity plans;
  • Consideration of the issues on interrelation between NCB and other scientific organizations, higher educational institutions, scientific community on participation in formation and implementation of the unique state scientific and technical policy;
  • Examination and development of the proposals on improvement of scientific – research work organization process;
  • Consideration of the issues on development of innovative activity of NCB;
  • Participation in popularization and promotion of the scientific and scientific-technical activity results, assistance in their commercialization;
  • Assistance in development of international scientific and technical collaboration of NCB;
  • Development of proposals on effective work of NCB and its divisions.


The Academic Council’s functions

  • Discusses and develops recommendations on core directions of NCB activity in order to implement the priority directions for scientific, scientific – technical and innovative activities defined by the Supreme Scientific and Technical Committee under the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • Considers scientific concepts, amendments to the programmes for scientific and technical development, legislative and other regulatory acts in the science sector;
  • Considers and develops recommendations on realization of the projects, which are being implemented within the framework of scientific-research programmes, scientific-research and experimental – design works, practical realization of their results, scientific stuff training, publishing of the scientific works;
  • Considers and develops recommendations on adoption of deliverables on results of the projects, which are being implemented within the framework of currently realized scientific-research programmes;
  • Discusses issues and develops recommendations on NCB management improvement, and on effective use of financial assets for  scientific-research programmes and experimental – design works (hereinafter – R&D activities);
  • Considers issues on collaboration with other scientific organizations and higher educational institutions;
  • Adopts deliverables on scientific and technical activity of the divisions, their leaders and certain researchers;
  • Discusses issues on international collaboration, implementation process of joint researches conducted in association with foreign research organization;
  • Discusses issues on the scientific stuff‘s preparation and its capacity building; regularly adopts reports of the scientists on their work on the stuff training;
  • Recommends  scientific works, discoveries and inventions for the Government awards;
  • Recommends candidates for conferral of scientific and honour degrees to the NCB researchers, who have made a contribution to science development;
  • Considers candidates of the scientists, who are recommended as members to the National Academic Councils;
  • Discusses and develops recommendations on issues of the vacancies for the heads of scientific divisions, laboratories, chief and leading specialists, senior and junior researchers;
  • Give recommendations on publication of scientific works of certain authors, teams and stuff members.


The Academic Council members

1. Ramankulov Y.M.  Director General, National Center for Biotechnology, The Chaiman
2. Mukanov К.К. Deputy Director General, National Center for Biotechnology
3. Akhmetollayev I.A. Head of Laboratory of Organic Synthesis, National Center for Biotechnology
4. Balpanov D.S. Director, Branch of National Center for Biotechnology in Stepnogorsk
5. Bulashev A.K. Professor, Department of Morphology, Microbiology and Biotechnology, S Seifullin Kazakh  Agrotechnical University
6. Gulyayev А.Е. Scientific consultant National Center for Biotechnology
7. Danlybaeva G.A. Leading Researcher, Laboratory of stem cells
8. Zholdybayeva Y.V. Head of the National Scientific Shared Laboratory of Biotechnology
9. Iskandarova K.A. Director, Department of Science, National Center for Biotechnology
10. Kalakova M.E. Academic Secretary, National Center for Biotechnology
11. Isabekova A.S. The Chairman of the Council of young scientists
12. Kakimzhanova A.A. Head of the Laboratory of Biotechnology and Plants Selection, National Center for Biotechnology
13. Kalendar R.N. Head of the laboratory of Plants Genomics and Bioinformatics
14. Khassenov B.B. Head of Laboratory of Molecular Genetics, National Center for Biotechnology
15. Kurmanbayev А.А. Head of Laboratory of Ecology, National Center for Biotechnology
16. Manabayeva Sh.A. Head of Laboratory of post-genomics and proteomics research, National Center for Biotechnology
17. Mukantayev K.N. Head of Laboratory of Immunochemistry and Immunobiotechnology, National Center for Biotechnology
18. Ogay V.B. Head of Laboratory of Stem Cells, National Center for Biotechnology
19. Ten O.A. Director, Scientific –Analytical Center BioMedPreparat, LLP
20. Shevtsov A.B. Senior Researcher, National Scientific Shared Laboratory of Biotechnology
21. Shustov A.V. Head of the Laboratory of Genetic Engineering, National Center for Biotechnology

About us

Republican State Enterprise “National Center for Biotechnology” under the Science Committee of Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan (hereinafter – NCB) - country’s leading biological center,  implementing the State policy on support and development of biotechnology industry – was founded by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 1993. The center implements and coordinates the government-funded scientific – technical programmes in the field of biotechnology, biosafety and ecology.

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